A few things Tom Mallows noticed this week.

Our beige-loafered favourite came out with several crackers during ITV’s coverage of the England match last Wednesday (including his strange obsession with a band tucked away in the corner of the stadium) and I was tempted just to bite my lip and keep quiet but top of the bill was the classic:

“The zip on the pitch is very zippy”

Phoenix from the flames

While on the subject of ITV (slagging them off seems to be the \’in’ thing at the moment) Tic Tacs, whose advert inadvertently caused millions of viewers to miss Everton’s winner against Liverpool, have recreated the \’goal’ in a new advert probably designed to cash in on the publicity – and also kick ITV while their down.

Who will play who exactly?

A snippet from Sunday’s FA Cup draw:
Arsenal OR Cardiff OR Burnley vs Sheffield United OR Hull
Two balls, five teams, the possibilities are endless…………………

Second best quote of the week

“We knew that we had to maintain the same level that we played in the first 30 minutes against Scotland and then we could win. That happened and for some time we made France look ridiculous,”

I am beginning to warm to Diego Maradona: The manager, and will continue to do so with quotes like that.

Cash for your conscience

Thaksin Shinawatra, the ex Man City owner with a rather dubious human rights record has finally ended his association with Man City. It’s Funny though, when City weren’t the richest club on the planet and needed the former Thailand prime ministers’ cash, executive Chairman Garry Cook (ye of the Milan \’bottled it’ over Kaka fame) was prepared to ignore Thaksin’s alleged crimes:

“Is he a nice guy? Yes. Is he a great guy to play golf with? Yes. Does he have plenty of money to run a football club?

Yes. I really care only about those three things. Whether he’s guilty of something over in Thailand, I can’t worry.

Morally, I felt comfortable working at Nike, and it’s the same here.” Garry Cook 2008.

One year and a several billion pounds later our Garry calls Shinawatra to drop him as honorary president for “moral reasons” and “to avoid the embarrassment of inappropriate associations” with allegations that Shinawatra led a “corrupt regime responsible for numerous extrajudicial executions, disappearances and torture…”

Yeah but he’s great to play golf with though isn’t he Garry?

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