Liverpool’s Spanish midfielder isn’t renowned for speaking out; he generally keeps his head down and gets on with the job pretty much like his performances on the football pitch – quietly efficient.

So the last thing you would expect him to speak out about is the economy. Footballers, with their extortionate wages, fast cars and luxury mansions are hardly the prime victims of the credit crunch. In fact resentment towards them has probably increased as the masses have struggled to make ends meet, only bankers and MPs currently get a rougher ride.

But Alonso has done his best to further distance footballers with the people who pay their wages by fretting about the fall of the Pound against the Euro and the new higher tax band.

Alonso said:

“Of course we think about it, we’re not stupid. We keep an eye on these things. When you see your contract down by 30 per cent, then you cannot be happy.

“Hopefully over the next few months and years it will get back to what it was not so long ago. But I cannot do anything – it must be Gordon Brown.”

Yep I can just imagine Jamie Carragher discussing the pros and cons of Labour’s fiscal policy with Albert Reira and Lucas. At least Alonso knows who Gordon Brown is, though I doubt Brown is going to lose sleep over our poor Premier League footballers feeling the pinch when the rest of the economy is in freefall. In fact it is about time that some of the obscene piles of cash plundering through the system are ploughed back into something more constructive than fast cars, poncy haricuts and wags’ shopping bills. Many people won’t be too sad to see the flow of the Premier League’s gravy train stemmed a little bit.

Harsh economic times will always increase the resentment between the haves and have nots, so Alonso’s comments, however innocent, will not go down too well. Given he has yet to commit his future to Liverpool, don’t be surprised if he follows the favourable exchange rate across the water this summer.

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