Eamon Dunphy

For those of you that missed it, the night’s comi-tragedy in a nutshell.

Stan professes admiration for Czech’s “post-match partying behaviour” – as Billo delicately put it:

“They’re a very talented team… and they’re very competitive underneath.”

Apple falls on Stan’s head – no improvement. Eamo not happy with team:

“This guy is trying to defy the law of football gravity, but he won’t.”

Stan waxes lyrical over Roundy Reid. Gilesy sceptical:

“He must have improved an awful lot between Saturday and today.”

Double-edged Brady’s clever use of feigned agreement:

“Like Eamon, they’re having a bad time. They’ve grown old – gone a little bit stale.”

George, as George does:

“Jankulovski has taken a meat cleaver to the Irish defence.”

Half-time. Dunphy:

“.. a disgrace.”

Two-footed lunge. Game over. George bored – fears for wounded Dunner with FAI track record:

“Let’s hope that’s a surgical staple gun.”

Hard to tell how confident Razor was:

“I’m sure it is, George.”

Eamo beside self:

“Would you let him sit in your seat Bill, without any training.”

Billo reasonble and already beginning campaign for next year’s Jacob’s award or somesuch:

“Well I trained on the job. 40 years in RTE Sport, you have to learn on the job.”

Eamo tries again:

“Would you let him drive the train to Cork?”

Who’s the weakest link now?

“I got the sack. Fifteen weeks. Out the door. I didn’t cry.”

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