Win your choice of t-shirt from our good friends at SDIH.

Got all the George, Ron and Uncle Bob t-shirts your wardrobe can take? Well why not expand your style horizons by sporting one of these fetching cultural documents from the lads at SDIH.

These gas buckos first rose to prominence with cheap laughs at the expense of poor old Bono – their classic Make Bono History number softening the righteous little fella’s cough for ten minutes or so.

Now they have a whole range of fancy garb with plenty of football shirts in there. The ACDC football club tributes have gone down particularly well in DH Towers, as have the new stadium layout designs.

Check out the football shirts here.

Anyway, we’ve three shirts to give away this week. To be in with a shout, just tell us:

Who’s taller, Bono or Nicklas Bendtner? *

Email your answer to by Tuesday, December 16th.

* Arsenal fans can also feel free to tell us which of the ┬ápair you’d prefer to make history…


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