If things have been a little off the pace at DH Towers lately, it’s because we’re all applying our notoriously slow reading abilities to Gilesy’s manifesto.

It’s a cracking read so far and while we’re still adamant the great man has at least ten commandments for judging greatness, he does, at least, lay down five in the book.

This, then, is Gilesy’s idea of a “great player”

1. Whatever abilities the player possesses must be used for the benefit of the team. This requires honesty of effort.

2. Moral courage is needed to take responsibility in accepting the ball, no matter how important the game and regardless of the score.

3. An honest effort must be made to regain possession when the other team has the ball.

4. There must be no public remonstration with team-mates.

5. A player must have the intelligence and humility to play the simple pass when that is the right thing to do.

We think he means David Beckham.

Anyway, we’ve another copy of the book to give away (there was already a Twitter comp).

To enter, just answer the following question:

Which current international manager did Gilesy line up against in the 1971 Fairs Cup final?

Answers to comp@dangerhere.com before Friday Dec 7.

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