On the back of Tottenham’s emphatic 9-1 demolition of Wigan, I have a contrasting opinion to offer, particularly when compared with the headlines splashed across the national press.

That is: Wigan were unlucky on Sunday.

I’m not arguing for a second that they were the better side or that Tottenham weren’t vastly superior. But the score-line was certainly harsh on the Latics.

Yes Tottenham had controlled the game and possession, but coming to White Hart Lane, Roberto Martinez would have anticipated and accepted that. Hell, it would probably have been part of his game-plan; looking to utilise the counter-attack.

What happened in the second-half, where eight Spurs goals were plundered, was extraordinary. It was freakish. Which is why the away team were unlucky.

To adopt a cliché, everything Spurs touched turned to gold. Over half of their shots on target amounted to goals, while their overall conversion rate was equivalent to one in three shots resulting in a goal.

That’s simply incredible. By contrast, Wigan’s conversion rate – I may have coined a term here – was one in eleven.

Chelsea, who comfortably saw off Wolves 4-0, could boast a rate of one in six which was matched by Man United; Liverpool and Man City each achieved an impressive one in five; while Hull came closest this weekend with a one in four success rate.

That’s statistical proof that Tottenham were on fire, something Martinez’s men could do very little about.

Yes the defending wasn’t brilliant, but goalkeeper Chris Kirkland made several top-class saves and wasn’t at fault for any of the goals that he conceded – even though he was unfortunate to see David Bentley’s brilliant free-kick rebound into the net off his back.

It was \’one of those days’ for the Latics and I’m sure they’ll have plenty to offer for the rest of the season.

Lee Price is the editor of www.football-previews.co.uk

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