Football - Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle United Barclays Premier League

Mike Ashley, owner of Newcastle, has announced that St James’ Park will in future be known as James’ Park. Isn’t that a wonderful name, doesn’t it just trip off the tongue? Sounds so much better than silly, old, traditional names like Old Trafford and Anfield. It’s makes far more sense to have something snappy, original and so very relevant; who doesn’t find immediately springs to mind when someone mentions Newcastle. I’m sure the Toon Army are delighted. OK, maybe not.

Still, fans should look on the bright side, it could have been so much worse. At least their stadium’s new corporate name does loosely relate to football – I’m guessing do sell boots. Imagine how silly they’d have felt if the club was owned by someone from Estee Lauder or Pampers, names which would have led to suggestions that they played like old ladies and were, well, you know, what babies leave in Pampers.

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