Barcelona are a football club that has always been able to attract a high level of support from fans of all clubs, as well as managers and pundits, with the Spanish side often cited as the team for Premier League sides to try to emulate. However, while they certainly do have some features that can be emulated, Barcelona as a club will never be replicated in the Premier League, despite what some people’s football predictions suggest.

You may think this is a little harsh, especially since Arsenal seem to be close to successfully emulating Barcelona’s policy of training youngsters at the club to play football in their own style. However, while Arsenal may spend millions on getting youngsters to play the Arsenal way, few of those players stick around long enough to repay the faith that Arsene Wenger puts in them. Compare this to Barcelona, who are able to persuade players to return even after they have initially decided to leave the club to maximise their playing time and you can see where the difference is.

So, how can they do this and why can’t Arsenal do the same? Well, think about the rich history of Barcelona (yes, Arsenal have a history but not the money to back it up) and then take into account the fact that the way La Liga is funded means that the bigger clubs get the vast majority of the TV money and you can start to see how an uncompetitive league in which you’re almost certain to end up in a title fight every year (and a warmer climate to boot) attracts players to Barcelona. After all, the football betting tips suggest the club are likely to win at least one major trophy every year.

With this in mind, it’s not hard to see precisely why the Premier League’s best are never going to find a way to compete with Barca and the magic that they produce week in, week out.

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