Our eyes! our eyes!

Other highlights of the post-Italia 90 defeat inquest include:

A fresh-faced George giving a grumpy Jack Charlton the ire;
“Your game plan was to make life difficult for them.”
“No, no, no.. our game plan was to make life difficult for them…”

George being extremely impressed that Donadoni’s shot was timed at 57 and a half miles per hour. The Guardian reckon David Hirst hit one at 114mph in 1996 though we think the calculations were a bit haphazard in those days.

Jack getting sick and tired of George waffling.
“Can we finish now George? I’m not enjoying this.”

Young Martin O’Neill looking like Gilesy’s son. Both looking like they’d rolled in from 18 holes.

Billo reading out the names of the air hostesses on the plane bringing the lads home.

Billo marveling that the plane from Rome will reach 34,000 feet.

Simpler times.

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