First correct answer wins a DangerHere t-shirt.

Butch was getting quite bullish about Engerland last night, pondering the feast of substitutes at Steve “The Mouth” Mac’s disposal when Fat Frank and the lads are back on board:

“All of a sudden we’re getting Wayne Rooney coming off the bench. And we’re getting Charlie Farley coming off the bench. And we’re getting Frank Lampard coming off the bench.”

“Who is Charlie Farley?” wondered Glenn Hod, mustering the first useful interjection of his punditing career.

Alas, Razor wasn’t telling: “Umm, I don’t know, it just came off the top of my head.”

So, who is Charlie Farley?

First comment that tells us which English comic had a character called Charlie Farley wins a DH t-shirt.

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