At the behest of Nicole Kidman, millions of ladies the world over are prodding a white Gameboy with a stick in a bid to improve brainpower.

And yet you’ll scarcely find a woman in the land to tune into Soccer Saturday for a far more compelling test of the mind’s dexterity, predicting the outcome of a Phi Thompson sentence:

“For me, you should… and you’re a great manager if… and what you do… and Rafa Benitez will be loved for ever more, if he can be… and I think he can do, if he takes, even what Jamie Redknapp was saying, if he… why does Rafa change things as much, more than what Sir Alex or Arsene Wenger with their teams?”

Any winners? Thought not.

Bright by name
Wrighty or Brighty? It’s hard to choose isn’t it?
“Paul Trollope says; \’Think with your head.'”

Latest from Ray Hudson on GolTV
“Beautiful feed by Guti. You can watch this one all day if you’re a Real Madrid fan. He looked like Sophia Loren walking up a flight of stairs – absolutely beautiful.”

Question of the week
Adebayor’s dive shown on MOTD.
Rooney’s dive against Spurs? What do you think?

The Merse calendar
Precision remains the watchword for Paul Merson;
“West Brom have dropped out of the top two for the first time in a long long time… or thereabouts.”

Check out all the rest of the weekend’s guff in the Champions pullout in today’s Irish Examiner.

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