Ronnie Whelan reckons the Austrians are playing too many killer balls

“They get in the box and the snuff it.”

Alarming revelation from a breathless Andy Townsend during Turkey – Swiss:

“Servet is literally, literally right up his backside….”

An incisive lowdown on the amphibious Swiss from Ronnie:

“When the rain came, the Swiss seemed to adapt better – in what way it’s hard to say.”

It took David Pleat all of 22 seconds of their clash with Portugal to refer to the Czech Republic as Czechoslovakia. Other permutations during the first half included “the Republic of Czechoslovakia” and “the Former Republic of Czechoslovakia.”

Jimmy Magee was all a quiver during Italy – Romania:

“The two ravishing full backs are playing abroad.”

And he was particularly impressed with the one who broke all football endurance records;

“Zambrotta – I haven’t got any figures – but he must have run ten miles in this match.”

Souness unimpressed with Terry Henry’s bravery on Italian second:

“He’s got his hands down protecting his downstairs area and sticks his foot out like a nancy”

Eamo: “If you don’t mind me saying Graeme, the shot was a bit low to have affected his downstairs area.”

Cue Gilesy mumbling something suspiciously like: “You don’t know with these lads, Eamon.”

Spotter’s badges to Glyn Berrington, Gerry McGreevy Dan Carey and Ginger Prince

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