“Nice to see your home fans booing you,” moans irate Rooney.

“That’s what loyal supporters. Fuck’s sake,” the Roon concluded mournfully.

On ITV, Adrian Chiles was sympathetic: “You can understand his frustration.”

But John Giles on RTE was less understanding.

“What does he expect? If you play like that, they deserve to be booed.

And him, on his performance tonight, is the least of all of them who should complain about supporters.

The last thing he can do is give out. Your own performance has to be good, you have to try hard and then you might have something to say. But  I thought Rooney was terrible tonight. Anyone can have a nightmare but they try hard and have a go.”

Liam Brady believes Rooney is suffering under media pressure.

“The English media have really piled it on that he’s going to be the man who’ll bring England the World Cup, which is most unfair. And I have a feeling he’s not 100 per cent fit.”

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