Clearly young talent is the way to go but Benitez just doesnt rate what comes through – was hopeful there might be something after the reserves league win a couple of years ago but he just farmed the best players out. Dubai isnt an option anymore, but i dont reckon Liverpool will do a Leeds as the loans are with the RBS, the british government own a chunk of them and theres no way a bank would be allowed destroy a british institution when theres so much tax payers money in them. The interest will keep rolling on until the yanks can find a buyer.

Way forward is Rafa finding a system to fit the players he has, as happened in the second half of the season before last, even if it was almost by accident. Then its just a case of last man standing – stick around while other clubs collapse and hope its not you next.

Says Tomban via Liverpool fc ……. state of chassis – Page 796 – Forums.

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