At this stage, it’s a well-worn curio on Andre Villas-Boas’ CV. Technical director of the British Virgin Islands at 21. A 14-1 aggregate defeat by Bermuda in 2002. Shaun Goater got five.

But what did they make of Andre on the Islands?

Patrick Mitchell – the Trinidadian who has Villas-Boas’ job now – first made it clear that they knew him then only as “Luis”.

He’d just heard the news from Chelsea and had been idly leafing a coaching document Villas-Boas had left behind in Tortola.

“I heard from the past president . That’s great. I feel good for him. I want to sit by the TV and watch him coach. He’s come a long way. When he married, he came back here for a vacation for a week and looked for us. And then he was gone again to work with Mourinho.”

Patrick was National U19 coach under Luis and his recollections may just sound a warning note for Roman Abramovich.

“He was a very good guy to work with. Very plain in what he said.

When we lost him, we lost a lot.”

And why did Luis pack his bags after just a year in paradise? Goater wasn’t the reason.

“At that time, the president of the association had one of his family as coach. And I think this was a disrespect to Luis, because when he was trying to take us to the next level, the other guy would say \’I’m from here, you can’t tell me what to do’, things like that.

“He wasn’t allowed do his job the way he wanted to and I think anyone would get frustrated. He wanted to stay and do a lot of work with us. It wasn’t a fall-out or anything. He was a quiet person, but when he wanted something, he wanted it done.

We lost a good person at that point of time. But life goes on.”

Jose, Felipe, Avram and Carlo would undoubtedly sympathise. But will Luis’ virgin experience of a meddling boss be repeated at Stamford Bridge?


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