By  Myles na Gopaleen

Spain Brazil and England are tier one (Possible Winners).

Spain – Best squad in the world at the minute. Monkey off the back. Best midfield possibly ever at international football. World’s number one keeper.

Brazil – Brazil with a Germanic spine. Dunga has them well drilled, no ego.

England – Decent albeit slightly patchy squad. Great manager who can, most importantly, manage expectation. The squad will be innoculated from the Sun-reading contingent. The climate will not hinder the team with it being a winter World Cup.

My Tier two picks (There or there abouts).

The semis tend to throw up one wild card so I will say USA. Snare drum tight squad. Only team in the world who value the national jersey over the club jersey.

Pride in the jersey, tough, driven and discipline will carry them far. That locksmith player they don’t have will stop them achieving greatness.

Argie’s: Will get dragged back by Diego. Liable to make one stupid decision. Messi’s form will dictate how far they will go, really.

Netherlands: Class footballers. No matter how bad they are they are always decent.

Slovenia: The brand of football Slovenia played against Russia was sublime. They look built for knockout football. If they avoid an opening defeat I think they could go to the quarters.

Serbia made it to the World Cup with no hype. Young team. Technically adroit across the park with class in each sector. Again an opening result will dictate their progress. Bags of Champions League players many of them at the top of their profession.

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