By  bonesgiles

His system is frustrating but effective. I think if you’d offered two competitive losses at this stage of his tenure when our World Cup qualifying group had been announced then not too many would have turned it down.

If we had either wingers that were really capable of being a major creative force or a midfielder who can both break up play and help build attacks then the system would work really well.

As it stands though the players available limit how good we can be. The players mentioned elsewhere may be marginally better than what’s there already but that’s all you can say about them.

I don’t think that putting them in the team would improve things drastically and if Ireland tried to play open football we’d be even worse off. Is McCarthy really that good? Or Fahey in the middle, or Andy Reid?

I’m not a fan of Green or Whelan but they work hard and that’s about all I’d expect from those others and Andy Reid is a luxury that Ireland can’t really afford at the moment.

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