Lets be honest everyone loves the speculation of the transfer market, you know the type of thing, which players are going where, how much they’re going to cost, how often they’ll say “This is the only club I’ve ever wanted to play for!”

Transfers are a big part of the game and the transfer market is great for throwing up the odd surprise or two. Recently we’ve had the long running Tevez affair where there have been more twists than a 1960’s disco with someone claiming to own the players commercial rights, another his playing rights, and unbelievably another his intellectual rights. (I mean I can believe the first two, but who seriously expects anyone to believe a footballer has any intellect what so ever?)

The money spent on transfers by Premiership clubs seems to increase every year too. I mean who’d have thought a Scottish goalkeeper would ever cost £9m? With their past track record it would seem more likely to have been 9 Scottish goalkeepers for a Million pounds-but that’s the unpredictability of the transfer market and why it’s so fascinating for many fans.

But when you compare transfers in Britain to other parts of the world they look normal compared to the bizarre dealings that go on elsewhere. Recently in Romania, second division side Minerul Placed their goalkeeper and star player on the transfer list, not for Millions of Euro’s, oh no!…they want a gas pipeline!! The owner of Minerul wants a pipeline for the town which currently has no direct gas supply. In another amazing Romanian second division transfer deal a defender was sold for 15 kilos of sausages -it’s not known if Jan Molby has returned to management in Bucharest.

So the next time you’re watching a player thinking “Why did we buy him, he’s not worth a bucket of horse manure” just remember… in Romania he probably is!

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