50. Pat “Isosceles” Dolan saw another side to Everton’s attacking options:

“It’s the golden triangle, Felliani and Cahill.”

49. Johnny Giles never got to grips with the great unwashed and their crazy notions about football:

“Because he (Gerrard) plays in midfield, people see him as a midfield player.”

48. The economic crisis crunched Leighton James:

“That’s the 64 dollar question.”

47. Gareth Southgate’s reaction to the 2-0 defeat at Chelsea suggested he might have asked a little bit more from his players:

“It’s disappointing, because defensively we done what we came here to do.”

46. Falkirk manager John Hughes wasn’t looking for scapegoats:

“In the end we lost a bad third goal because of an individual error by the goalkeeper but I’m not going to point the finger of blame at anyone for that.”

45. Jimmy Magee bent it like Beattie – from the penalty spot:

“Straight down the middle with power… and then into the corner.”

44. Gary Gill of Radio Tees marveled at winger’s vision:

“Stewart Downing will look at this with his left foot.”

43. Andy Gray turned the game on its head:

“There are a lot of tired legs in those white shirts.”

42. Chris Hughton sugared the coat for Steve Harper:

“We don’t see him as a number two keeper, we see him as a back-up to Shay.”

41. Gabriel Egan knew his own mind:

“Lovely little intricate, simple, straightforward buildup by Arsenal.”

40. Gazza set a mathematical poser for Alan Shearer:

“I think five points from our two games will keep us up now.”

39. Jimmy Magee found Phil Brown checking out:

“It’s like Hull are in a lift descending so fast and stopping at no floor and heading towards… the next storey of their hotel.”

38. Five Live’s Richard Bacon refused to count Denilson:

“So, can you and the fans really be the 11th man at the Emirates?”

37. Steve Claridge was neither here nor there:

“If Wenger is still here in 10 years and Arsenal haven’t won any trophies, will he still be here?”

36. ESPN’s Paul Masefield invited Rafa Benitez for a game of twister:

“He’s got to put his foot down with an iron fist.”

35. Jamie Redknapp defended Saint Alex’s selection:

“He’s kept the best team for Wednesday. That’s his divine right.”

34. Arsene Wenger dented Kieran Gibbs’ scoring chances:

“He has a little groin problem.”

33. Graham Taylor urged Fulham to consult the AA:

“This team has done very well. They’ve come a long way in a short distance.”

32. Ludo sessions at Paul Merson’s house invariably ended in destruction:

“Liverpool have just rolled the last bit of dice.”

31. Phil Neville tried to do decisive:

“I’ve never been so certain about anything in my life. I want to be a coach. Or a manager, I’m not sure which.”

30. Joe Royle hadn’t a leg to stand on:

“99% of two-footed players are right-footed.”

29. Alan Brazil wasn’t inclined to reach out:

“I wouldn’t touch Chimbonda with a barn door.”

28. Bobby Gould was the handyman nobody called:

“It’s a case of; if it ain’t broken, I’ll fix it.”

27. Billo convinced nobody of Andy Reid’s industry:

“What is the point of calling in Stokes when somebody like Reid is sitting playing golf or something in Sunderland.”

26. David Phillips had big plans for Stevie G:

“He has to be playing for England week in, week out.”

25. Terry Venables kept busy with a degree in motion study:

“I said they’d be static if they didn’t start moving.”

24. Noted linguist John Brennan spoke in tongues to describe some of the Azzurri’s football:

“To use a lovely Italian phrase, they caress the ball.”

23. Jamie Redknapp fingered a legend’s tailor:

“Bobby Moore used to have his suits manicured.”

22. Paul Merson painted the beleaguered Boro gaffer into a corner:

“Steve Bruce has been in the game a lot longer than Gareth Southgate and that comes with experience.”

21. Lou Macari was impressed with Manuel Almunia’s positioning:

“I thought the goalkeeper had that covered. He was on that side of the pitch.”

20. Martin Fisher could burn water:

“It’s like he had Teflon in those gloves of his as the ball stayed stuck in them.”

19. Matt Jackson cut the atmosphere with a knife – and then polished it off with nice Chianti:

“The tension is palatable.”

18. Gilesy got hot under the collar:

“Sam Allardyce himself could get a few lessons in humidity.”

17. Mick Quinn found wisdom in adversity:

“We played on a hot day and I was sweating profoundly.”

16. Jim Beglin was momentarily distracted during Chelsea-Liverpool:

“Wow, how these two legs have opened up.”

15. First impressions were deceptive for David Pleat:

“It looked a little bit worse than it appeared.”

14. Efan Ekoku scheduled some me time for Stevie:

“If Gerrard is really feeling his groin, he won’t want to take any part in the game.”

13. Harry Redknapp had a strict transfer policy:

“I would not let anyone go that we would keep.”

12. Michael Thomas was groomed for the future:

“The FA Youth Cup is massive, because it’s like the FA Cup for the youth team.”

11. The days flew by for Paul Merson:

“I’d play him (Mark Viduka) all day long, even if it’s only for 45 minutes.”
10. The drugs didn’t work for Darragh Maloney:

“I thought I saw a corner there, but I am very high.”

9. During his stint as a brain surgeon, Chris Waddle always carried a sander:

“That came off the corner of Evra’s head.”

8. Steve Bruce finally got his bearings:

“The one area of the pitch where we are a threat is up the top end.”

7. Graeme Souness ran a fine comb through Liverpool’s defensive problems:

“Reina must be tearing his hair out.”

6. Harry Redknapp knew a fatality when he saw one:

“He rolled around a bit like he was dead”

5. Joe Royle went out on a limb:

“It’s hit him more on the elbow than the arm.”

4. Kevin Keatings went to the Bernabeu expecting a miracle:

“Kaka’s penalty shout has fallen on deaf eyes.”

3. Paul Mitchell liked to see the good in everyone:

“There’s no such thing as a bad penalty.”

2. Russell Osman adapted quickly to the demands of co-commentary:

“If Spurs don’t get one goal, they won’t get any.”

1. Tony Cascarino was first to get Thierry Ennui:

“Deep down, he’s quite shallow.”

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