The World Cup hits the World Series of Poker

The 2010 World Series of Poker is currently underway.   Players from all over the world have converged on Las Vegas, NV in the hopes to win the coveted gold bracelet, also known as the most prestigious prize in poker.   However, with the World Cup underway, many poker players who  play online Texas Holdem are turning a lot of their attention to the World Cup.

How the Players Are Following the Games

The players at the WSOP are following the games in many ways.   Some are using their I-pad or I-phone in order to keep up with the scores and maybe even watch some clips.   Others are hanging out in the “Bad Beat Bar” where there are several televisions setup with the World Cup games being played for fans.     They can work on earning a poker bonus on online poker sites while catching the games.   Finally, in some instances, there are some games being televised during the events themselves.   Several TV’s are in the Amazon Room that can be converted from a clock to the World Cup.   Get the right floor person and they will accommodate the request of players.

World Champion Picks World Cup over Poker

Peter Eastgate won the WSOP Main Event title in 2008.   Last year, he played a solid schedule of events looking to add to his bracelet total.   This year, Eastgate is noticeably absent from the WSOP.   Reports have come in that Eastgate has tickets to several World Cup games and that he is skipping all of the World Series of Poker in lieu of watching the World Cup.

Side Action is Huge

There is a lot of action going on between players on the side.   Some are betting the favorites, while others are staying loyal to their own team.   There are a lot of bets being placed on how well the United States squad will perform during the World Cup.   In a town that revolves around gambling, the World Cup has become another avenue for these rounders to put their money on.

While the WSOP is the main thing on the minds of many poker players, the buzz around the World Cup is a very close second.   As the World Cup progresses,  the buzz will get even bigger and by the time the finals arrive, the party at the Rio should be amazing.