In this era of Soccer Saturday and live goal apps, is there anybody out there who still attempts to avoid the football scores until Match of the Day – just as Bob and Terry famously did in No Hiding Place, the classic episode of Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?

On that occasion, the lads did manage, just, to make it through the day without learning the outcome of the England game, only to settle down in front of the highlights to learn the match had been cancelled due to flooding.

In tribute, then, our new series – Unlikely Lads – will tell the sad, desperate stories of committed supporters who avoided Kammy, Merse and co all afternoon only to be scuppered late in the day by the fickle hand of football fate.

Nowadays of course, it’s likely you would be foiled by the mean BBC News trick, which advises viewers to “look away now” if they wish to avoid the football results, only to read them out anyway. But we’re dealing with starker,  more poignant outcomes than that.

First up is Neil, with an appalling tale of how a simple family request can pull asunder the whole operation.

We’ll call it…


Neil takes up the story…

My uncle successfully managed it and was watching the particular match on Match of the Day.

His missus walked in front of the screen.

“Would ye get out of the way,” says he.

“Sure there were no goals,” she says.

Simple yet devastating.

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