Sadly it was Ireland’s Brightest Daily and not Billo that was treated to the inevitable Eamo climb-down on the “puffball” who “would never be a player as long as he had a hole in his arse.”

Some of the shocking confession from yesterday’s Star:

“I couldn’t have been more wrong about Cristiano Ronaldo.”

“In the history of the game, I can’t remember another winger who has been so prolific in front of goal.”

“We have to reassess Ronaldo’s reputation. Increasingly, he looks like the real deal.”

“Ronaldo is something special. I was wrong.”

“Ronaldo is on the road to greatness…”

But hold on, there’s room for another twist down the line:

“… but he still has a bit to travel.”

Remember that little heavy lad who was relegated to “good player” status just before Christmas…

“He has to look at Rooney to see what real greatness is like. Rooney is the template. He is what Ronaldo has to aspire to and he has the ability to get there.”

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