Has the Sky mole retired after a job well done?

The latest leak from Sky Sports coverage has now been deleted from YouTube. This one featured Richard Keys engaging in more Riggsby/David Brent style banta – this time with Jamie Redknapp, Ruud Gullit and Graeme Souness.

Keys giddily enquires of Redknapp if he “smashed it”, the it in question seemingly a lady named Louise, not Louise Redknapp.

Redknapp agrees that he did indeed once go out with the lady in question, heightening Keysy’s excitement. The full banal extent of it is already sketchy in our minds but there’s some more about Redknapp “smashing it” and “hanging out of the back of it”.

In truth, Redknapp just looks embarrassed, a cringing Souness administers a gentle kick to the Keys arse and Ruud Gullit comes up trumps with some studied indifference.

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