It all began late last season. Many thought Nigel Pearson’s lads were dead on their feet. Not Phil Neville:
“Seven games ago, they were dead on their knees.”

This season, Martin Keown hailed the first miracle, N’Golo Kanté playing in a negative pressure ventilator:
“He almost has an iron lung.”

Glenn Hoddle was always mindful that the success story really began with an orgy gone wrong:
“Ranieri will be telling them we want to suck people off…”

Paul Merson introduced a tweak to the rules that required referees to keep abreast with goal scoring stats:
“Howard should’ve been sent off because Vardy’s on a good scoring run.”

Gradually, men like Thierry Henry got on board:
“The surprising thing is it’s not surprising any more.”

Ian Wright reworked the old ‘Messi’s never done it on a cold Tuesday night in Stoke’ saw:
“Gerard Pique has had it easy in Spain. He’s never had to defend against a team like Leicester.”

They could do no wrong as far as Alan Brazil was concerned:
“Another defeat sends Leicester top of the Premier.”

Stuart Pearce was never more certain about anything:
“You know full well someone at the Arsenal-Leicester game gotta pick points up, whoever it may be.”

Still, Paul Merson issued a dramatic warning in the style of sixties Batman:
“I done this at Aston Villa, Jeff, we were top, we were flying, then before you know it; BANG, WALLOP, CRUSH.”

And as the run-in heated up, Gary Breen reported a crime:
“Leicester literally have one hand on the Premier League trophy.”

It was left to Neil Lennon to apply the coup de grace:
“We wont see this again… 5000/1 to win the league…what are the odds?”