We return to the MLS this week for ESPN’s coverage of Chicago Fire v LA Galaxy – another education in the magical lexicon of sawker:

Shot from the edge of the area: “Lopez from the top!”

A laissez-faire referee. LA must adjust: “The referee is not using his whistle.  Galaxy have to put that in the back of their caps.”

Defender prevents a corner: “Good hustle.”

Winger runs down the line: “Pappa dancing down the chalk.”

The cross is headed away: “Donovan is there to reject it.”

A new theory: “The most important goal in a soccer game is the second goal.”

A through ball: “Good entry pass.”

It finds a man: “Chavez running straight down the pipe.”

Depleted squad or warning of naturism: “Galaxy have 17 dressed players.”

Goal attempt: “Mike Magee made a bid.”

Decent header: “This guy can jump out of the gym.”

A scuffed shot: “Oduro just didn’t get good wood on it.”

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