In what is perhaps the true definition of hypocrisy, American author Grant Wahl is looking to cash in on David Beckham’s celebrity persona by writing a book about…. that very same David Beckham circus that moved across the Atlantic three years ago.

Some notable quotes taken from the book were from Beckham’s Galaxy team-mate Landon Donovan, who is quoted as saying Becks \’wasn’t committed,’ sees his spell at Galaxy \’as a joke’ and is a \’tightwad’.

Now these sort of comments were bound to be leapt upon by the British press, who know anything involving Beckham will sell papers (or books, as I predict Wahl knows full well). Consequently the issue has blown out of all proportion, with the inevitable \’Donovan slams Becks’ headlines filling the red tops. Donovan has since admitted regret at how his views came out, while Becks has promised to discuss the matter in private (which to me sounds like the \’professional’ thing to do).

While I imagine the book has taken some comments out of context, what exactly was Donovan’s point?

When Beckham moved to America he was out of favour at his old club Real Madrid and England. A lucrative move to the Galaxy apart from pacifying his wife’s need for fame also gave him a nice retirement   fund to make up for the mountainous drop in league quality.

But then things changed, he was back in the England squad and had a chance of playing at the World Cup – but only if he is playing regular football. The MLS calendar is out of kilter with Europe and so Becks would be twiddling his thumbs when England were playing crucial qualifiers. So, when AC Milan came calling, what did you expect him to do?   Play for one of the biggest clubs in the world and get back into the national side or go shopping with Posh? Don’t forget Beckham has expressed his determination to continue playing in America as well as for Milan and England, he could have pushed for a permanent move to Italy.

Sunil Gulati, president of the United States Soccer Federation, says Beckham’s decision to play at Milan means he will receive a hostile reception when he returns to America this week, which is laughable given he is the best player in the league by a country mile. The MLS is light years behind the European leagues, Gulati and Donovan should be grateful that Beckham is there at all, as no-one would be talking about The Galaxy and the MLS if he wasn’t, let alone writing books about it.

To add to the sense of hypocrisy (masking a deep seated jealousy in my opinion) where was Landon Donovan during the MLS break? Yes he was over with Becks in Europe, playing for German football giants Bayern Munich.

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