John Terry has finally spoken out over his future, pledging his allegiance to Chelsea and ending another of the most tedious transfer stories of the year, mainly because nothing ever really happened bar one rejected bid.

I have to say though, if he is so committed why stay silent for so long?

Frank Lampard and John Terry relaxing by the pool in Pasadena, CA

He is labelled Mr Chelsea, given his loyalty to the Blues, but as Mr Scolari found it is also because he wields a lot of influence at the Bridge – perhaps too much for a player?

Either way, it seems a safe Premier League bet that whoever is manager there has to keep him on side. I wonder if Terry has paid another visit to Roman’s yacht, negotiated a pay rise and ensured everything is to his liking? Or is that just cynical old me?

Speaking of old and cynical Sir Alex Ferguson has proved a journo’s dream by taking Man City’s bait. The giant sky blue posters of Carlos Tevez proclaiming \’Welcome to Manchester’ are pretty funny and should evoke some banter between the two sets of fans. But to fan the flames Fergie’s bitten back, labelling the stunt the actions of a \’small club with a small club mentality’.


To be fair City fans should be pleased he is even mentioning them, they have been off the radar for so long. Plus the presence of Rafa Benitez in the Premier League occupies much of Fergie’s press conference time. But like an older brother putting down a cocky younger sibling the United boss has looked to curb the increasing conference emanating from the blue half of Manchester. Expect the spat to spill over into the new season.

Another weekend, another angry L.A. Galaxy fan hurling abuse at David Beckham – it’s like 1998 all over again.

This time the fan chose Posh Spice as the recipient of his sharp tongue. I would have thought Beckham has heard all that there is to be said from the terraces about his dear wife. But the potty-mouthed supporter, clad in an England shirt, must have found new levels of abuse and Beckham responded.

How much more does he need to take? Let’s face it if the fans don’t want him and an offer from Milan is on the table I can see his American dream coming to a premature end.

Harry Redknapp also piped up this week, worrying about his lack of centre backs ahead of the new season with Dawson, King and Woodgate all out.

A fair enough concern, but how does he respond?

He signs two right backs for £10 million, bringing the total number of full backs in the squad to eight. He then signs Peter Crouch for another £10 million despite having four strikers at his disposal.

Make of that what you will.

Right I’m off to queue up for my Newcastle away shirt…..

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