“You ask 100 people, 99 will say it’s very bad and the hundredth will be Mark Hughes.”

Another golden quote from Arsene Wenger as the fall-out from last Saturday continues to fill the column inches.

Without wishing to go over what is already well worn ground the alleged stamp by Adebayor has brought the usual polarised response from the two managers. Hughes is, ironically, taking a approach from the Arsene Wenger “I didn’t see it” school of stock media responses. While our Gallic friend is convinced everyone is out to get him, with this incident, of course, coming hot on the heels of the banning-then-rescinding of the great flying Eduardo.

But the very fact Hughes has got up Wenger’s nose is a sign that Sparky and City are warming to his role as chief big four agitator.

The Blue half of Manchester was always going to be in the news this year following their fantasy football style spending spree over the summer. But until now the top four Premiership teams were fairly dismissive of the new kid on the block.

Like a couple with new money the Citizens were rejected by established quartet, who looked inwards towards their Champions League money pot, some privately cursing the “small club with a small club mentality,” others nervously eyeing the lack of incomings at their own side and hoping City would, “do a City” and it would all go horribly wrong.

But with a 100% record going into last weekend City were ready to divide and conquer the Sky four. On the pitch their players showed style as well as substance, matching and then heavily beating an Arsenal side who have made a decent start to the season. If their early results stirred the football masses, this result made them sit up and take notice.

Off the pitch Hughes, be right or wrong to defend a player for (allegedly) nearly squashing someone’s face, is matching his side’s new found resilience, saying everyone should give him some slack, much to Wenger’s anger.

Being a football fan, but from a position well away from the big four, I am enjoying City’s gatecrashing of the Premier League betting odds party. Yes it may not be \’right’ that they spent cash like it was monopoly money but the resulting reaction once they were dropped onto the Premier League melting pot has been fascinating.

And where should the Man City bandwagon be rolling uncontrollably towards? Yes Old Trafford on Sunday.

Should be fun.

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