On one hand we have a promising 19 year-old footballer with a career-threatening injury, on the other a player whose international call-up has been “overshadowed”. So where do sympathies lie?

The DH Towers research department has never quite met accepted  scientific  standards (though it gets through a lot of work on global warming) but a quick Google search throws up interesting results.




  1. I cannot believe how deluded the media is.
    The media in this country is a disgrace .
    i have now read so many times since the assault(it may not have been intended to break bones but it did) that Shawcross is ‘ a player of good character’ with no other previous misdemenours.this in itself is a blatant lie,he broke Francis Jeffers ankle in a reckless challenge in 2007, in fact Stokes assistant manager at the time said ‘There’s no way that was a malicious challenge, Ryan isn’t that sort of player.’
    Funnily enough that seems kind of familiar to the quoptes said after the assault on Saturday.
    cast you mind back as well to last seasons game when Adebayor was assaulted off the pitch by Shawcross and was out for a month with ligament injuries , lucky he’s not that sort of player then.
    Why the media have not brought this up I do not know but what I do know is that many people are unaware of what a thug Shawcross is and just becuase he hadn’t beern sent off before Saturday says more about the lack of quality of refereeing than anything about his good character which obviously is severely lacking.
    Maybe he was a bit unfortunate the poor lad with all 3 tackles but it is a bit worrying to see someone so young involved in 2 career threatening injuries and 1 assault off the pitch.I will not even mention what he got up to whilst on loan to Royal Antwerp but again it wasn’t good.
    I think it is the satte of the game over in the Uk taht the victim is seen as Shawcross and not Ramsey and I am physically sickened by this.Shawcross never had a chance of getting the ball but he did have a chance to pull out of the challenge which he didn’t hoping to make sure taht Ramsey knew he was there.the only raeson he was crying was for himself no=one else a fine case of crocodile tears if ever I saw one.And the worse thing is taht you imbeciles believe him and the media that he is whiter than white when the opposite is blatantly true.

  2. Im sorry how can there be a debate on. One is a talented youngster who misses the rest of the season and then has to hope he can start again where he left off. The other is a typical English footballing thug who has all but got away with assault ( I know he got a three match ban, Song got two for a bit of pushing), and rewarded instead with an England call-up. What would Bobby Moore say about that?

  3. Shawcross is a whining, crying coward….look at his behaviour loosing the ball to Cesc earlier in the game, whining like a little girl to the ref……look at the coward leaving the pitch, crying like a little girl.

    He ´s a coward, probably nice in private, but a coward on the pitch.

    I hope that the coward is on the receiving end next time, let ´s hope that the crowd tells him what a wanker he is…..and that he only have one leg.

    Shawcross=sanctimonious coward.

  4. It’s no coincidence that Arsenal have suffered 3 horrendous breaks from shocking “tackles” in 4 years.

    It’s also no coincidence that the media have come out gluns blazing at Wenger, Ramsey and Arsenal fans, demanding “apologies” shawcross etc etc.

    The media, the fa, the referees and those “managers” who advocate “getting up ’em”, and allow their players to openly declare that they intend “roughing up” Arsenal (actual quote) do not want to admit their own culpability, xenophobia and dishonesty.

    This is the same “committed” approach to defending the indefensible as the behaviour of their prcious little thugs on the pitch.

    It’s the “attack is the best form of defence” approach.

    I’m actually starting to feel that violent retaliation against these “pundits” and “managers” might be the only method of hammering some sense into them. It’s a seriously unpleasant feeling.

    Wouldn’t it be lovely to hack some twat like collymore down in the street and smile at him while he writhes (we could refer to it as “a martin taylor”).

    We could then claim we are lovely lads, with luvverly mummies, and we’re just “not like that”, we didn’t really mean to crush his kneecaps.

    We’re actually “distraught” about, please feel sorry for us……………..

  5. LOL. You do see what he’s done here right? There arent any opinions on the subject posted in this article, he’s just posted the facts of a google search. You arsenal fans who are arguing against this are literally arguing against reality.. or more descriptively, whining against reality.

  6. God, how much of a sad life does the person have who did this link, google searches every single word you put in the title.
    Me, personally…..I couldnt give a flying f*%k about Arsenal, but yes what has happened to this young lad is very sad. I also think the media circus surrounding all this is pathetic, IT WAS AN ACCIDENT, no one in their right mind sets out to intentionally break someones leg. Did Shawcross asked to be called up to represent his country…NO he was chosen, and probably before that game was already played. Now please lets move on to something more interesting http://uk.news.yahoo.com/5/20100303/tuk-latest-sky-news-uk-weather-forecast-45dbed5.html

  7. All too prevalent in the UK media to try to find some sympathy for the culprit whilst forgetting the victim!
    Also think there’s a huge amount of ‘spin’ involved due to Shawcross’s (shameful) call up to the english squad.
    I am saddened and sickened by the shocking injury to the best talent we have seen from Wales since Giggs, my main hope is that the world of football, which hasn’t seen the best of Rambo yet, see years more of quality and skill on the pitch!
    However, to add a touch of bias and no doubt inflame some vitriol in those who are not allowedf to criticise.
    I wonder if it was Theo Walcott on the end of a challenge from Gareth Bale?
    The reaction would have been far different?

    I’ve recovered from a shocking leg injury during football, Aaron I hope you recover and grow stronger from this!

  8. The english media is a joke. I think england as a whole ought to hang their collective heads in shame that a player, regardless of age or nationality suffers such an injury (as a result of “stick it up to ’em) and all the sympathy goes to the perpetrator- the thug, simply because he is english. This is the kind of stuff you only see in THE BOONDOCKS!! I cant wait for Rooney to get crocked just before the world cup!! i know he is carrying the hopes of england rite now and its enevitable he will get crocked- hopefully by a foreigner. Lets see what the english footballing family says and does then. Should be fantastic!! i cant wait.

  9. No sowadally, the results as at 1.10pm 3/3/10 are:

    “I feel sorry for Aaron Ramsey” 162

    “I feel sorry for Ryan Shawcross” 557

    You have not put the quotes around the terms, makes a big difference.

  10. perhaps it’s time for bigger picture here. To me, it’s interesting how the might of the FA PR machine seems to be at work here. I think this is more evident than perceived lack of morals within the FA when it comes to addressing the tackle itself. There are clear parallels with what went on when Eduardo ‘dived’ against Celtic. In that instance we had a major story about to embarrass the FA with the fallout of thuggish behaviour of Millwall and West Ham fans. That story had the potential to seriously impact on UEFA and FIFA’s perception of the FA’s ability to stage a major tournament. It seemed convenient that Eduardo’s story had gathered such momentum (bearing in mind the Home Nation’s heavy representation within UEFA).
    With the Ramsey situation, we had a hugely disruptive situation involving England’s Brave John Terry that just wouldn’t go away. So, perhaps too soon for many people’s liking, Cappello invites Shawcross for England training at Colney. No international manager would choose this as a way of diffusing a situation involving such a horrendous leg break (regardless which side of the fence you sit on – supporting Ramsey publicly or feeling sympathy for Shawcross). To me, it seems that the FA needed a story to keep quiet any negativity surrounding JT’s first international appearance since the Bridge affair broke out in the press.

    and no, i’m not being paranoid, i’m just saying what i would do if i worked in the FA’s press office.

  11. You have to look through the results to the actual articles. The first one appears to be a dressing-down of those who actually expressed sympathy for Shawcross. There actually were a few pundits, articles, what have you, that put forth this “angle” of the story. And rightly others are expressing shock and disapproval of that tact (a lack of, really) in the media. I think the results are capturing the many sources that have expressed outrage about the coverage and not many sources whose sympathies lie with Shawcross. The overwhelming majority of people understand that Ramsey is the victim here.

    I’m just sayin’

  12. Another sad day for the FA, since they could take the opportunity to set an example that reckless challenges are punishable. I am not even speaking of the Shawcross reckless challenge, but the one of Liam Ridgewell of Birmingham City. (http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story?id=749483&cc=5901) He laid an off the pitch (well beyond the end line) tackle on James McCarthy of Wigan that even resulted in the referee’s assistant having to be stretchered off the pitch. McCarthy has ligament damage and will be out for an undetermined amount of time and Ridgewell gets rewarded for his reckless behavior by getting nothing because the referee, Andy Taylor, saw the tackle but chose to take no action. It is this type of reckless tackle (a la Shawcross on Adebayor last season) that, when it goes unpunished, allows players to continue to play this style of football.

    If the FA chose to make an example of Ridgewell now, the other players who recklessly get “stuck in” might realize that their behavior will result in consequences that they will have to face. Perhaps then the apologists for Ryan Shawcross and Martin Taylor wouldn’t have to get up in arms to defend their players for reckless, thuggish behavior. Too bad the FA doesn’t seem to care.

  13. “sorry for aaron ramsey” 332 results
    “sorry for ryan shawcross” 166 results
    “sorry for ramsey” 11,200 results
    “sorry for shawcross” 749 results

    Sorry, this argument doesn’t work.

  14. @ Annoyed (cunt !)…..are you really this naturally imbecilic or are u just displaying ur stupidity ?, so to you there’s some other things that are more intresting ?…jesus i cant believe this level of callousness really exist in one individual !

  15. I would like to send this message to all other international teams who will be playing England’s Shawcross: Make sure you sue England’s Shawcross and English Football Fed Reps for deliberately adding Shawcross to their team if the thug threatens to or breaks the bone of any of your players.That is the reason why England chose him. If you do give him a taste or his own medicine, please just pretend to be upset and you will get away with a nonsensical short ban.All the best!

  16. Why does the media and the idiots keep talking about Shawcross’s “intention”???? Why don’t they get it? His intention is IMMATERIAL!!!!! The fact is – he broke Ramsey’s leg! And for that the FA should do more than a 3 match ban. FUCK INTENTION!

  17. That’s bullshit, if you do the search you get 591 results for “feel sorry for Ryan Shawcross” and 657 results for “feel sorry for Aaron Ramsey”
    Still it’s unbelievable how the media can make Shawcross the victim here.

  18. another example of how bias is d english media…n all the damn english think that they are above every body…i pray that 1 day an english player is tackled horrendously namely rooney n he won’t be able to play 4eva by d name of shawcross…then all the damned english will eat their own words…n d FA is damned stupid for charging the victim…the victim is being crucified n d scum is worship…so typical english….

  19. Why are these people like this? I mean some of these stupid bias and should I use d word ‘RACIST’, why somebody’s is broken into two, and all you IDIOTS are still crucifying him(Ramsy), his manager, the fans and the club why? Are u all INSANE?

  20. @ Sugar Baby boi – ah people break their legs / ankles every day so yes there are more interesting things going on in the world at the moment.

    It was a horrific incident but in my opinion Shawcross did not intend to cause a serious injury – I’ve seen way worse fouls committed this year in the PL (Adebayour against Van Persie for example). Arse-nal fans seem to be getting very wound up about this incident which can only be a good thing really – might stop them from telling all and sundry that theirs is the best brand of football in the PL – but where are the trophies?

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