Wembley’s flirtation with throwball on Sunday has been prompting many a septic tank to wonder about the brits and their inexplicable fascination with their curious derivative that produces zero-zero “tied matchups”. No wonder then that the lack of “overtime” at the end of Liverpool – Arsenal confused the Fox Sports “announcer”.

“Arsenal’s twelve game unbeaten streak is over.”

No such excuses though for the “colour man”, a chap called Steve who sounded like he hailed from closer to home but seemed equally at odds with the nuts and bolts of sawker:

“He was a country mile offside, that’s why the assistant didn’t flag.”

Nor was Steve entirely versed in the nuts and bolts of English judging by his take on the Pool’s win over Everton:

“Liverpool won that game not only by luck but slightly fortuitously in the end. “

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