Examiner DangerHere

Some of the choice cuts this week from the DH Fine Emporium of Guff

Phil Thommo using his mangerial nous to get in the head of Juande Ramos:

“He’s put Zokora in there to look at maybe long-short term.”

Red Tom Tyrrell defends the good people of St. Helens from the greatest sleight of all:

“It used to be in Lancashire but it’s now on Merseyside, but the people of St. Helens are not Scousers, that’s for sure.”

And Martin O’Neill is subjected to another insightful grilling from Geoff “The Squeeze” Shreeves:

“It was a spirited comeback but had you left yourself too much to do?”

Poor Martin buckled under the grilling:

“Well naturally we had having gone three goals down with 20 minutes to go.”

Check out all the rest of the weekend’s guff in The Champions pullout in today’s Irish Examiner

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