It’s jelly and ice cream time at Arsenal, their manager, Arsene Wenger, is 60 today! Amongst his celebration plans is a trip to Arsenal’s AGM – gosh, what a party animal.

One person without much cause for celebration is poor old Rafael Benitez. Following Liverpool’s fourth consecutive defeat against Lyons, some fans are calling for his resignation. Of course, many of those fans are of the sort who’d melt if they sat too close to a radiator.

On the upside, joint owner, George Gillett (the little one) has given football’s answer to Baron Hardup his backing, saying, “Our family is extraordinarily pleased with him”, and he really means that. The fact that Rafa’s contract runs till 2014 has no bearing on his opinion, Mr Gillett is a Red through and through. As he didn’t say to me only the other evening, “I love Liverpool Town … err United … err, what are they called again?” So, anyone who suggests Gillett and Hicks are only there for the money is just being cynical. No really, don’t snigger.

One last thing – former West Ham player John Hartson has been speaking about his battle with testicular cancer and highlighting Movember, the month long event to raise awareness of the disease. If you’re of the moustache growing persuasion, pop over here and find out how you can grow a mo for a great cause!

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