Football - Fulham v Liverpool Barclays Premier League

A few posts back I discussed Fergie’s failure to understand certain words. It seems he’s not alone, Rafael Benitez is similarly afflicted. We can forgive Rafa because English is not his mother tongue, but I do think someone should explain the definition of the word ‘improve’, and why using the word ‘improving’ in relation to Liverpool’s current progress may be the cause for some amusement.

You see Rafa, improve means ‘to make better’, it doesn’t mean to make everything stay pretty much as it was, or even to make it worse. However, you seem to have mixed it up with ‘disintegrate’, which means something very different. I’m guessing this misunderstanding has been the underlying problem all along, you were simply on a different page to everyone else. Well, now you know the truth you can get on with the job of ‘improving’ and win us a title.

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