Telegraphed it a bit

You know that terrible moment when realisation dawns that you will probably never play in a World Cup and you get a creeping sense that a career in professional football might just be beyond you. Tends to sink in around 33 we find.

Well, guess who’s just been given a new lease of life – in fact, there’s a grave danger we might not even watch the rest of the World Cup.

Our new friends at Football Superstars are to blame – having hooked us into their virtual football world. MMO, we believe the nerds call it.

We have been promised the life of a football star, with all of the cash, WAGS and fame and none of the awkward chats with Henry Winter.

It’s an extraordinary business really – you sort of hang about in there, kicking a ball about, having the banta with other wasters who’ve given up on the real word, all the while developing your virtual skills.

Hitting the gym

There’s none of this controlling a whole team nonsense you get in Pro Evo or FIFA, you have to stand on your own two left feet here. You can take part in pick-up games in the gym or the park, join a club and work your way through the ranks until you’re ready to be scorned by a nation at the World Cup.

Keep an eye out for us in there – although I wouldn’t go calling us up for your team just yet. After a intense exchange with a foxy life coach and some hard graft under skills coach Eric, we’re still flailing about a bit and firmly blaming the Jabulani for our wayward shooting.

Give it a go here. You’ve got to download some stuff but it all works fine. We’ll report back in a few weeks once we’ve got our foot on the ladder to stardom.

Living it large

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