After recent World Cup qualifiers, RTE have been running an extended World Cup Extra on the Web – where the panel continue to talk about Andy Reid enlighten “real football people”  for an extra half hour.

But there has been a few teething problems.

This time, the show was rolling a good sixty seconds before the lads realised, during which a weary Billo enquired of a mystery visitor:

“Oh, you’re directing this are you? Yeah, I’m grand. Sure at this stage, I couldn’t care less.”

And shorn of his very raison d’etre, Eamo was even more frank:

“This isn’t on the fucking television.”

Thankfully Big Ron hadn’t got a call up.

Once things settled down, there wasn’t a huge appetite for discussing the match any further. Instead, the focus soon turned to Eamo’s incredible air guitar performance on “The Cafe”.

Billo: “All I can say Dunphy is, have you no shame?”

Eamo: “That was the world champion. I thought I made him look rubbish.”

Gilesy: “He used more energy there than when he played in the international team.”

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