Football - Burnley v Chelsea Barclays Premier League

You can’t have failed to notice: John Terry is not a footballer, he’s a very naughty boy. Despite his attempts to block publication of a story about his marital misdemeanours, the press is buzzing with the news that the England captain has been caught canoodling with the former girlfriend of team mate, Wayne Bridge, and the knives are out for him.

Leo McKinstry writing in the Mail sums up the mood of certain elements of the press asking, “Why won’t soccer’s spineless chiefs sack John Terry?‘. Well, the obvious answer is because he doesn’t work for the FA, they don’t pay his wages and, the last time I checked, they didn’t pick the team at Chelsea. If Mr McKinstry means why don’t they drop him from the England team, well, why should they? He’s been an idiot, but he doesn’t eat kittens or loiter in Tesco waiting to snatch the last packet of Hob Nobs out of an old lady’s hand.

It may surprise the morally outraged, but footballers are picked for their playing ability, not because they’re really nice people. If that was the criteria for selection, the England team would be very, very small, and probably still contain Darren Anderton and John Barnes, but never the likes of Gazza.

Anyhow, it’s all very sad, and Wayne Bridge has apparently refused to play alongside Terry. When I heard that it did make me wonder though – could we introduce JT to Mrs Heskey and Mrs Beckham …

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