Some clubs in the Premier League seem to possess fairly minor self-destruct buttons, with a prime example being Arsenal and their unenviable ability to gift the opposition at least one goal per game, but only one club in England continues relentlessly to shoot themselves in the foot every time they manage to get themselves into a half decent position, and that club is Newcastle United.

With Newcastle traditionally a club that enjoyed playing free flowing and attacking football, their faithful fans refused to accept the need to adapt to a more conservative style as times got harder. This led to the departure of Sam Allardyce. With Allardyce now sitting comfortably in mid-table safety with his Blackburn Rovers side, he is unlikely to be missing the madness of Newcastle United.

When the club had finally slumped to the point where they found themselves unbelievably relegated, they finally plumped for a manager who matched the club and seemed to know the right formula for keeping the squad together before helping them build for success in the future. That man was Chris Hughton.

However, once Hughton had served his purpose and led the club back to the top tier of English football, he constantly found himself having to fight off speculation that he was only being kept at the club until the day they could find a man able to replace him. This suggestion was finally proved right today when the club inexplicably decided to end his reign as manager. The Newcastle betting suggested they’d stay up, but things could be a lot tougher now.

The football betting is unclear as to who will come in, but with the club now without the man who many believe could have propelled them back to the level they undoubtedly want to be at, who knows what madness the club will have to go through before they finally accept that sacking successful managers does not bring results.

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