Sky Sports enjoy reminding their customers that they are paying for the privilege of seeing action from the best league in the world, and sometimes we get a hint that this suggestion just might be true when we watch the likes of Wayne Rooney and Samir Nasri play some stunning football, or when we watch Chelsea in their pomp show how defending should be done.

However, although we may sometimes drift off into a Premier League dreamland and agree 100 per cent with this statement, we are then forced to come crashing back down to earth every Saturday and Sunday night on either BBC1 or BBC2 as we sit down to have our brilliant Premier League ruined horrendously by the ‘pundits’ on the Match of the Day team.

For those of you who feel that Match of the Day provides a decent return for the cash spent on it, all I can say is have a think about the last time you heard an interesting piece of analysis from any of its pundits.

With the BBC under enormous pressure to find ways to cut its expenditure, it should surely look no further than the enormous fee that they pay to the inarticulate Alan Shearer as a decent starting place to begin slashing their costs. Add to this the wages of Alan Hansen and the BBC can perhaps suddenly start thinking about putting on a decent review of the weekend’s action. The likes of Betfair Football Andy Gray would certainly do a better job.

However, with the BBC about as unlikely to change Match of the Day as the government are to scrap tuition fees, it appears that the Premier League is going to be continued to be undermined by the fact that its main UK highlights are presented in a way that could almost be considered as offensive to football.

Meanwhile, many people have made Wigan betting tips for relegation this season.

They currently sit in the bottom three, although only by virtue of goal difference, so they will have a chance to save themselves.

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