Some have too much for their own good…..  The season is barely over and already the transfer madness has begun with a select few clubs (and their billionaire owners) touting obscene amounts of money.

It’s like a high stakes poker game with likes of Abramovich, Sheikh Mansour and Florentino Pérez sat on the top table rabidly raising the stakes to unprecedented levels.

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Let’s start with Man City. Mark Hughes had had an Arab wallet bulging with cash burning a hole in his pocket for months now and he wasted no time in snaring Gareth Barry from Aston Villa for £12 million quid. Yes this is the same Gareth Barry who wanted to play Champions League football – Yet City aren’t even in the Europa League and at 28 Barry can hardly argue it is a long term ambition. The logic? Well it’s amazing how things can change with 80-100k a week wafted under your nose.

Over in Spain and Florentino Pérez is back which, of course, means a return of his infamous Galacticos, an annual circus whereby Madrid pay obscene amounts of money for the current world player of the year. This is regardless of whether that player will fit into the side and the opinion of the coach, who is clearly just a yes man in Perez’s expensive game of fantasy football. Next on the list is Kaka, who will cost the GDP of a small country at £60 million with sulky Portuguese Ronaldo next in line. More evidence that Perez has more money than is good for him is the curious clause agreed last summer whereby Real have to pay Man United £20 million if they DON’T sign Ronaldo by the end of the month.

I’ll leave you to work that one out.

The madness of King Tony.

Is he hearing voices in his head? Either that Tony Adams has come up with a novel way of finding employment – make up an elaborate back-story involving a close friend and a fabricated “recommendation”.

Adams: “When Celtic approached Wim [Jansen] he very kindly said that Tony Adams was the man they needed to go and get.
“I really appreciate and I’m really thankful that there are people in the game who are batting for me and putting me up for the jobs.”

Wim Jansen: “I’m not interested in the Celtic job. I don’t know anything about it.

“I have never suggested anything about Celtic.”

Nice try Tony.

Salt in the wounds.

Fresh from an FA Cup final defeat Evertonian wounds won’t have been lifted by the comments of John Terry last weekend who gave us an insight into his thoughts when he was lifting the Cup.

“Yes, I did think ‘Wrong cup’…. at the back of my mind, I was hoping I could rewind and that it was the Champions League trophy.”

Beaten by a team who didn’t even want to win, nice.

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