Following Arsenal’s 2-1 Carling Cup win over Liverpool last night, Mikael Sylvestre revealed the secret of their success to Mark Pougatch. According to the defender, “It’s finishing in front of the other team, I think.”

You know, I think he might be on to something there; I have noticed, the team which finishes in front tends to win. Someone should tell the FA about this, it could be a whole new sport! I’m thinking, two teams, 11 players each, maybe some spare ones who sit on a bench. The objective could be to kick a ball into a wooden frame at the end of the pitch. And, to make it tricky, one player could stand in front of the frame and attempt to catch the ball, but the others could only use their feet – in fact, it could be called football! And all thanks to the remarkably astute Mr Sylvestre.

Come back next week when Mikael will discuss the perplexing issue of the small people who live inside his television, and why it’s a bad idea to run with scissors.

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