Football - Brighton & Hove Albion v Luton Town Johnstones Paint Trophy Southern Section Final First Leg

It’s handbags at dawn down in League 2. Following Port Vale’s disappointing 3-1 away loss to Notts County, manager Micky Adams described his team as, “a woman who had a big fur coat on but underneath she’s got no knickers on”. Then, he put them all on the transfer list. Yes, when I say all, I mean the whole team!

Some might say a manager who has, well, been around as much as Mr Adams might look to himself before criticising his team – he has had nine managerial jobs (Brighton twice) in a 13 year career, which suggests perhaps he’s not up there with the likes of Wenger and Ferguson as a ‘keeper’. Others might say his analogy is not particularly apt for Port Vale – a fur coat wearing woman? I think not. However, rather than throw any more analogies at the already beleaguered players, here are a few to describe their less than loyal (and less than competent?) manager:

– A toddler sitting in A&E with a saucepan on his head
– An 11 year old who gets to be head teacher for the day as part of a Comic Relief stunt
– One of those crazy inventors who believes he can build a spaceship in his garden shed
– A man who won a gurning competition he hadn’t even entered
– A small man in fishing waders three sizes too big

So there you have it Micky; analogies: they work both ways ;-)

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