Mark Bright’s stint alongside Guy Mowbray in the St James’ Park gantry yesterday sparked a surge of Twitter fury


For our part, we just wondered why Brighty was calling the touchline “the byeline” and spent some time trying to figure out  his take on referees calling over players to book them – “It’s very schoolboyish. It’s very teacher and Churchill.”

Other than that, it seemed like a regular day at the office for Brighty – albeit an office, naturally, where eloquence was explicitly banned.

The punters on Twitter, however, were not so tolerant. Here’s a sample of the reactions:

Fredorrarci Worst nightmare? “Being stuck in a lift with  Mark Bright and John Virgo.”

munnzy @ronniejoice mark bright is the worst commentator in the world

dnsnow Is there a cliche  Mark Bright hasn’t used this afternoon?#motd

ironsills Mark Bright on BBC what the heck is he watching ???? No appeal from Boro for the handball !!!! Derr Brighty

m1cvv I’d rather have Robert Mugabe, Bright is that bad RT@TOTTfanzine Is there a more annoying commentator than  Mark Bright Hes doing my head in

DingyDangyDoo Who told  Mark Bright he was any good at footy commentating? I’ve just muted him.

BurntTurnip Mark Bright,can I ask,did you ever consider- and this is just a thought -taking your own advice when you were a hugely mediocre footballer?

chilliupnorth @colinmitchell i hate  mark bright he is a tit! glad that wheater head didnt go in, i see him quite a bit in town and he’s a nice guy

TOTTfanzine Is there a more annoying commentator than  Mark Bright. He’s doing my head in

stiffinho Did  Mark Bright really just say “Flat as a fart… Far post”?

colinmitchell does anyone else think  Mark Bright is desperate for Boro to score? Could he be any more anti  #nufc ?!?!

CovFan Is  Mark Bright drunk?

jim_sin Watching a game on tv with  Mark Bright commentating is like actually being there. Sat next to the most annoying man in the ground.


chrisoldroyd BBC get a decent commentator,  Mark Bright is anything but

alecmacknight Mark bright is a tosser..

thommenzies Nevermind getting RATM to no 1, we need a facebook campaign to get  Mark Bright off the TV.

mulhuzz +1 RT  @helush:  Mark bright doing my head in he is so opinionated and negative about  #nufc we have turned the sound off! Amazing crowd!

AdamDukeDyer @bbc606 why on earth is  Mark Brightdisagreeing with nearly everything the commentator is saying?!

im_sin I’m glad part of my licence fee goes towards  Mark Bright‘s salary. He’s so insightful and observant.

andygib Mark Bright is clueless as co-commentator on football

roundonefight I’m sure  Mark Bright just said ‘shit!’ on the toon/boro commentary

stevieboy31 i just wish the BBC had picked a better commentator than  Mark Bright. he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

paulmclark No wonder  mark bright was shit. He’s chuffin blind!

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