Champions League: Manchester United Training

Phone-ins and commentary shows were dominated by one main story this weekend: yet another bizarre outburst by that cheeky wag, Sir Alex Ferguson. Come on, he’s saying these things for a laugh, surely.

In what can only be described as a blatant incident of the pot calling the kettle black, Ferguson launched an irrational (and inaccurate) tirade against referee Alan Wiley which proved an even hotter topic for debate than news of Kevin Keegan’s compensation victory against Newcastle. According to the great red-faced one, Wiley was “…not fit enough for a game of that standard”. Statistics prove otherwise.

Although Man U fans did try to defend Fergie, opinion was largely against him, with some uncharitable types suggesting he may have been irked by the relatively short four minutes of extra time, instead of the traditional six allotted when Man U aren’t winning. I’m sure those people are wrong though and Man U never receive any kind of advantage, ever. No really.

Somewhat overlooked because of Fergie’s anti-ref rant were the strange utterings of Wolves boss, Mick McCarthy. Speaking after a 0-1 home loss to Portsmouth, McCarthy demonstrated an amazing grasp of basic maths saying, “If we hadn’t conceded it would be 0-0…”. He also denied his team had been outplayed, even though he admitted they hadn’t played properly. Hmm. Doesn’t that mean they were outplayed? Am I missing something?

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