England now have
three fresh men, with
three fresh legs.
Jimmy Hill

Given's scarcely been called into action. Oh danger here.....

He may be a man of many languages, a fact he has proudly demonstrated right back to the days when he became the first man on these shores to call Jan Molby, Mol-bu. But little George Hamilton's greatest verbal achievements have come in the mother tongue. His flights of fancy know no bounds, his occasional ire a thing to be feared.  In an ongoing project, DangerHere pays tribute to the work George has done over the years in the name of guff.

Undoubtedly the greatest ever commentating achievement, and probably the single greatest sentence ever uttered, George's classic reaction to some flustered Madrid defending during their Old Trafford win last year, will - as he might say himself - live long in the memory.
"Real Madrid are like a rabbit in the
glare of the headlights in the face of Manchester United's attacks. But this rabbit comes with a suit of armour in
the shape of two precious away goals."


Just not far enough under the crossbar.
You're right George, Ian Harte's free kick in fact hit the crossbar - giving it an underness factor of oh let's see... not under at all.
He wasn't aware of the pace Gary Kelly would bring to that procedure.
So complacent were the Irish against Andorra, some of them began to practice medicine mid-game. 
He caught that with the outside of his instep.
George proves himself as great a master of human anatomy as he is of Continental languages.
And Hyypia rises like a giraffe to head the ball clear.
George alludes to the giant African mammal renowned for its mighty leaps.
What that situation really needed was a  little eyebrows.
Multilingual George adds Ronglish to his wide repertoire of languages during the Liverpool- Porto game last week.
The orange tide is lapping against the green door which refuses to open.
George is all at sea with this maritime metaphor.
Like a tiger stung by a hunter's dart.
Having minutes earlier lauded Bonner's long spell without conceding a goal, George is stung by his own complacency. Does anyone know if George meant Ireland were the tiger or the hunter?
What a goal. What a goal! Straight through the legs of Adams, it flew towards the roof of the net like a Wurlitzer! I mean, like a ... howitzer
A Wurlitzer is a type of jukebox.
The eiderdown of this 2-0 lead is a lot more comfortable than the blanket of 1-0.
Ireland's progress gives George a warm feeling.
The midfield are like a chef...........trying to prise open a stubborn oyster to get at the fleshy meat inside.
Reckon Keano would have got the hammer out.
And there's no telling what the score will be if this one goes in!
George prepares for a Swedish free kick in the last World Cup. The score at the time, by the way, 0-0.
Italy are preparing to make a substitution - and it is, the unmistakable figure............of Roberto Baggio'
George announces the arrival on the pitch of..... Gianluca Vialli. Unfortunately, the two subs had got their shirts mixed up.
And Ireland have got to contain the brothers Baggio.
George surely was the only one not to know.
The Baggio brothers, of course, are not related.
But at least he cleared it up. Or did he?
And Winter shoots, on target but just wide.
George suffers from a dose of the Fred Cogleys
The seeds of doubt that were sown at the weekend against Egypt have been doused by a dose of Jack Charlton's almighty weedkiller.
George goes green in Italia 90
He's pulling him off. The Spanish manager is pulling his Captain off!
Our George thinks THE George as Butragueno is replaced.
Sergen Yalcin is called simply  Sergen because Turks like to be known by their Christian names.
George overlooks the fact that 90% of Turks are Muslims.
Referee Norlinger is outstanding in the sense that he stands out.
Oh right.
And the Germans are up the Swanee!!
George gets excited by Ireland's second goal against Germany in a pre-World Cup friendly, 1994.

Redondo is blocking Roy Keane's passage.
Could it all be getting a bit too Freudian?
Bless my soul, heís missed it!
George is disappointed in Simone Inzaghi's penalty taking skills.
Oh noooooooo! Disaster!".
George reacts calmly to Luis Garcia's second goal against us in USA 94.
You sir, are an idiot!
George politely rebukes Lilian Laslandes after a red card offence.
If thatís not offside, Iím a Chinaman!
George reveals his oriental background after a perfectly correct refereeing decision.
When I said they'd scored two goals, of course I meant they'd scored one.'
Of course, George
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