Oddly this week balloons were making the headlines, or more specifically, small boys with balloons. While the US Balloon Boy is, allegedly, a mischievous scamp caught up in a publicity stunt, the UK version is far more troublesome. Apparently a Liverpool fan, he threw a balloon, or possibly a beach ball, onto the pitch during Saturday’s Sunderland v Liverpool match. Once there it managed to score the only goal of the game, for Sunderland. Well played that … umm … spherical object.

In the aftermath, pundits and armchair managers debated the true nature of the large, round, red bag of wind: was it a ball, was it a balloon, was it Sir Alex Ferguson? Who knows?! Meanwhile, Rafael Benitez must be wondering how his team can possibly fail to score with two balls on the pitch,   and Balloon Boy v.2 was probably wondering what lurgy he should feign to get out of school for, well, the rest of his life. However, all may not be lost for the young chap – Balloon Boy v.2, not Benitez – there is evidence to suggest he was   he was framed!

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