The Liverpool v Man United fixture over the weekend was interesting for all sorts of reasons, some of them even related to events on the pitch. Would Rafael Benitez keep his job? What kind of reception would Michael Owen get when he appeared in a shirt in the wrong shade of red? How would Torres stand up? Would Liverpool’s strange Little and Large owners show up? What would Sir Alex Ferguson’s Whinge of the Week be?

The answer to the first question was a resounding yes. Rafa is still the gaffer, although a few more wins might make that more of a certainty. Torres played a blinder, but did have to retire early. I don’t think anyone minded. And his predecessor? Well, lets just say the crowd weren’t too pleased to see him. As cries of “Judas” rang from the Kop End, commentator Alan Green asked former Liverpool player Mark Lawrenson if the jeers were justified. “Yeah”, replied Lawro. I’m not so sure though. Do Liverpool really miss a player who twists an ankle every time the wind changes?

Liverpool’s owners, Gillett and Hicks (he’s the big one) were both in attendance, prompting one caller to Spoony‘s post match phone-in to remark, “I’d swap Gillett and Hicks for Brown and Darling, that’s how bad they are”. Actually, I think they’d be ok. For a start, Gordon could cut down the wages bill by introducing a range of taxes for the team which would claw all that money back; there’d be a goal celebration tax, a Lucozade tax, a wearing socks tax, a being Scouse tax, a not being Scouse tax … it could work really well!

And finally, Sir Alex’s Whinge of the Week. This week the nation’s most famous grumpy granddad accused referee, Andre Marriner of unprofessionalism because he didn’t send Jamie Carragher off for a foul on Owen. Well, that is what he was reported to have said, this photo reveals the real cause of his gripes.

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