Tim Vickery has been sharing his thoughts about Jo, the naughty Everton player who went home to south America for Christmas. According to Tim this was because he wanted to enjoy some sunshine, completely overlooking the fact that he also got to see his family. I’m sure Tim is right, after all, what kind of weirdo wants to see their own mother during the festive season?! However, Tim did make some good points and the article is worth a read. What made me do a double take was a comment left below the line.

“My belief is that in this day and age footballers are given too much, too young. Back in the day when the 30 somethings such as Lampard, Ballack, Van Nistelrooys were trying to make the grade, they had to work hard to reap rewards.”

Oh yes, life was tough back in the day; Ruud van Nistelrooy had to knit boot laces for the entire Premier League, and young Frank Lampard got up before he went to bed to scrub the stadium, inside and out, with a toothbrush! In one notorious incident, little Michael Owen was found sobbing outside Anfield. Worn down with the strain of being used as Gerard Houllier’s desk he wailed, “It’s ok most of the time, but you ought to see where he keeps his pens”.

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