Oh come on, are you saying I can’t join in the ‘hilarious’ beach-ball related antics after Darren Bent’s winner on Saturday?

There are simply too many to mention as Liverpool’s odds of winning the Premier League were further deflated (you see – I told you there was more) by a red beach ball thrown onto the pitch by, ironically, a Liverpool fan.

Match Of the Day did the decent thing and blocked the offending fans face, no doubt to avoid the public backlash – though a well known website has apparently ‘outed’ the said fan and The Sun is appealing for anyone who knows him to come forward. Don’t be surprised if a “beach ball and me” type piece with the Liverpool supporter posing with the inflatable in question appears in the papers soon.

Already a crafty Reds fan has bought up in bulk a set of red beach balls (The Dragons Den lot would be impressed with his entrepreneurial spirit) to cash in on the hype while the message boards and forums of Liverpool’s upcoming opposition have hatched dastardly plans to pelt Reina’s goal with those pesky inflatable’s – remember, you heard it here first.

Rafa seemed unusually quiet afterwards – The “fact” that this goal should have been disallowed I thought would have appealed to the Liverpool boss given his previous comments to the media. But perhaps aware his side were pants and once again failed to perform without Gerrard and Torres, he realised there are more important issues to worry about than ambiguous FA rules – especially with a Champions League Group E clash with Lyon and Premier League match against Manchester United looming in the coming week.

Speaking of rants, the final say has to go to Diego Maradona. The Argentinian, a pantomime villain in the eyes of the English but every Scotsman’s best friend (and Welshman and Irishman to be exact) he has led his country to the World Cup – just. And lets be honest it will be a good thing they have if Maradona continues to deliver comedy gold like he has in the previous week.

First off his Klinsmann style celebration in the soggy win against Uruguay (can’t imagine Capello or Trapatoni doing that), then his “go suck it” post match interview to the gathered press, before his apology “to the ladies” and no-one else.

I think even the English are starting to like him….

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