Richard Keys

Firstly, head to our good friends at Offthepost for audio of Keys’ slip-up.

Highlights include:

– “You’ve been shite son, in your daft pink boots – absolute rubbish”

– “Get up, you stupid little boy”

– An inquest into a gantry fart, initially pinned on Graeme Souness.

Then enjoy, for a moment or two, some previous gems from the hairy-handed hype merchant.

The sniggering at the Women’s FA Cup final (which did feature some admittedly hilarious goalkeeping:

And the splendid “Daft  little ground,  silly game, fuck off” when he was troubled to stay up late introducing highlights from the Faroe Islands.

Pause then, to reflect on what a fine company man Keysy has been down the years. Note here that “associated partners” is sometimes spelled “Setanta”.

Laugh childishly as the famous hands are put to obscene use

Then, finally, marvel that a man who once sported this fetching combo has the temerity to dish out style brickbats.

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