A seismic week for British culture. The yin and yang, the rough with the smooth, it’s swings and roundabouts, innit? Out goes Vera Duckworth, and back strides King Kev. What’s the reaction been like?

Big Sam hasn’t taken things well:
“I don’t want to comment on who or what will take over my job at Newcastle.”

Ronnie Whelan, as we’ve quickly come to realise during his fledgling punditry career, is never satisfied:
“The owner has said he has a bottomless pit of money to get this club into shape. I think he might need a little bit more than that.”

Peter Collins had Kev burned at the stake after one dodgy result. Luckily …
“… the messiah failed to ignite.”

Prophet Motty delivered sage words we might be hearing again before very long:
“I think he believed he’d taken the soccer circus project as far as he could.”

And Phil Thommo, as always, was toeing the party line:
“He mightn’t have watched live games. But I think he’ll have watched football highlights, Football First and everything.”

Read all the weekend’s guff in the Champions supplement in today’s Irish Examiner

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